Will a DUI in California cause my insurance premiums to increase?

Getting a DUI conviction can change your life—in more ways than you may think.

DUI and Your Premiums

Not only do you have to struggle with the costs of the ticket itself, and avoid losing your license or serving time in jail, but you will also have to look at the other ways it could negatively impact your life.

The future costs of remaining insured are one of the top concerns that many people have with getting a DUI.

Can your insurance company raise your rates or premium because you were convicted of a DUI? The short answer is this yes. Your insurance company can raise rates for any number of reasons, including being charged with moving violations.

One thing to consider is that your insurance company will only be informed of your DUI if you are convicted—not just accused. So, working with a lawyer to find out if the charges can be dropped or reduced may be one way to make sure your insurer doesn’t hit you with a rate hike.

However, even if you ARE convicted of a DUI does not mean your rates will necessarily rise. It could be that your company looks at your previous driving record and decides that your rate doesn’t need to increase.

If you have been convicted of driving under the influence in the state of California and need help working through your insurance woes, contact Diverse Insurance. Agent Rebecca Houpt will help you find the best possible coverage at a price you can afford.

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