How long does a DUI affect my insurance premiums in California?

If you have been convicted of a DUI, you know there are a lot of issues you’ll need to deal with over the next few years or months.

DUI - How long?

You may have court costs, need to pay additional fees or be required to undergo treatment for an alcohol problem.

However, one issue that many people don’t think about (until it’s too late) is what a DUI conviction will do to your insurance rates.

For many people, the insurance rate will go up once your insurer gets wind of your conviction. The difference in costs each month can be quite considerable, and it may even make it harder to balance your budget.

If your insurance rate does go up, you may wonder how long the DUI will affect your insurance rate. In the state of California, your DUI will remain on record for ten years. Therefore, you will likely have ten years of rates that are higher than usual.

It is important to realize that every insurance company is different. Just because your insurer has raised rates to an unreasonable level doesn’t mean that every company would do the same.

In reality, after you get a DUI is a very good time to shop around and see if you can find a company that better meets your needs.

If you want to talk about your unique insurance situation with someone who understands, reach out to Diverse Insurance Broker. Agent Rebecca Houpt will be happy to help you look at all the options and find an insurance solution that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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